Windows Error Reporting is usually an error credit reporting technology available from Ms with Or windows 7 and later, Home windows Vista sometime later it was. It helps to track down and record problematic occasions by means of Windows exceptions, DLL mistakes, device driver errors and software problems and comes with various other advanced features with respect to tracking various different types of errors. The most common uses on this program are fixing components problems and tracking down registry errors.

They are just some of the three PCs active in the complete procedure for Microsoft windows Problem Revealing. The three Computers involved in this whole method are: Home windows Server LAPTOP OR COMPUTER, Window LAPTOP OR COMPUTER and the Gadget driver LAPTOP OR COMPUTER. To begin with, the pc that will be utilized for Windows credit reporting must be make properly such that all three Computers can use the communication ports which can be on the motherboard in order to exchange their views. Next, all PCs really need their drivers up to date while outdated drivers could cause significant errors.

After that is completed, the whole means of Windows mistake reporting begins with the installing of the required Microsoft windows programs which include Windows Taskmanager, Windows Defensive player, Windows XP Services Pack two (SP2) and Windows Landscape. Once the necessary programs during installation and the PC is properly operational, the pc is ready to get event records and start creating event logs after it is fully functionalized. All the required momentary files, applications and individuals needs to be completely deleted and the House windows Registry need to be emptied. These procedures needs to be followed to successfully entire the task of Windows trouble reporting.

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